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Escrow Service

What is Escrow Service
Service Fee
How to apply
Terms of Use on Escrow Service
About the Compensation

1. What is Escrow Service
If a purchased product has not arrived after 30 days or has arrived in damage,
total amount of fee from seller and ShopShip.US (except Escrow Service Fee) will be refunded.

2.Service Fee
The fee will be 5% of the winning item.
(1)Compensation does not include 5% service fee of refund amount.
(2)The maximum amount of refund is up to US $1000.00.

3.How to apply
Please apply on your behalf upon bidding or shopping request.
If you do not apply, the Escrow Service will not be used.


4.Terms of Use on Escrow Service
1.Payment to eBay seller/online shop is acceptable through PayPal.
2.Applying Escrow Service on behalf of your request when bidding or buying products.
3.If replacement or refund of the products occurs, you will get charged for shipping return fee.

Escrow Services are not available in the followings :

・Less than 50 buyers have rated seller's feedback, or positive assessment of the seller has not reached to 98%.
・Total amount (US $1000.00 or more) is paid to seller/shop.
・Payment besides PayPal is acceptable.
・A Product is shipped directly to your place, instead of ShopShip.US.
・Receiving a fake product.
・A product is damaged, or a computer/machinery has operational problem.
・Seller/shop explains damage or condition on the item description in advance.
・Dent or damage is related to a package or a box.
・Damage such as scratches or dents is shown using visual light.
・Damage either a scratch or a dent is shown within 4cm diameter or less.
・There is no problem or damage in use but shortage of parts or accessories other than the main part.
・There is no problem using loss or damaged shirt tag.

5.About the Compensation
Coverage of the Escrow Service (full compensation) in the followings:

・After payment, a product has not arrived to ShopShip.US in 30 days.
・A product arrives at warehouse but heavily damaged.
・A product arrives at warehouse but is clearly different.

Coverage of the Escrow Service (partial compensation) in the followings:

・If a condition is other than full compensation, ShopShip.US accepts some of the commodity price of compensation.

About the exchange of goods or refund (full compensation, partial compensation)

・If seller/shop accepts replacing a product or giving a refund, a cost will be borne by all customers.