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Shopping Service

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Shopping Service
Buying Agent Service Flow
Commission Fees
Under Conditions

1. Shopping Service
Our staffs of the ShopShip.US will go to shopping in Los Angeles area on your behalf.
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2. Buying Agent Service Flow
1. We will receive more details on the item upon your request from "Contact Us"

2. Please contact ShopShip.US after checking item price and storing it at our warehouse; therefore, we will briefly send estimation to your email address.

3. After the payment has been transferred, we will enjoy shopping.

4. While a product is stored in a warehouse at maximum of two months, it can be shipped out whenever you want during that period.
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3. Commission Fees
-Minimum commission fee is 80 dollars per each shop.
 For Example: $80 x 2(numbers of stores) = $160

-If you purchase products more than 800 U.S. dollars, the commission will be 10% from the total amount of the product.
 For Example: Total Cost of Products x Percentage of Total Cost = Commission Fee $800 x 10% = $80

-No additional fees such as inspection and packing will be charged.
-Special requirement on packaging products will be charged separately.
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4. Under Conditions
-Distant range that we will go shopping from ShopShip.US is within 30miles (48km) diameter or less.

-Cancellation, returns, or exchange of the purchased item is unacceptable.
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5. Payment
-Please transfer your account information that has been attached to the reply of the estimation.

-While using PayPal to purchase an item in different currency, the site can be converted to US dollars.

-Shopping will not be proceeded until the payment transfer is confirmed.
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6. Shipping
-Product will be stored in the warehouse at maximum of two months. It can also be dispatched immediately after inspection is finished.

-During the two month period, we will ship purchased items altogether.

-The shipping carriers are United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), and United Parcel Service (UPS).

- You can also request in desired shipping carrier.。

-Customer will be charged on the delivery with cash for the import duty.
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