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Amazon Search

 Shopping at is simpler.

 Amazon item is searchable through ShopShip.US site.

 When a desired item is decided, a request for the estimation can be transferred.

Flow of Amazon search
An item is searchable on Amazon Search page.
When the item is found, enter a size, amount, etc and submit a request.
Our staff will create estimation and submit it through E-mail.
Payment to ShopShip.US will be done in case of purchase.
After confirming the payment transfer, our staff will buy the item.
When the item arrives at the warehouse, an arrival notice will be submitted.

Types of Search
Item URL
Inputting URL item is possible to search.
ISBN It is also possible to search item by inputting ISBN (International Standard Book Number).
ASIN It is possible to find an item by inputting ASIN (Amazon item number).

Commission Fee
~ USD 100.00
USD 16.00
USD 100.01 ~ USD 499.99
Commission is 16% of item price
USD 500.00 ~ USD 999.99
Commission is 14% of item price
USD 1000.00 ~
Commission is 12% of item price
Content and Condition
Service fee includes followings :
1. Item inspections
2. Item stored inside the warehouse up to 2 months.
3. Item packing, shipping and handling.
4. Sending questions to eBay seller.
・No fee is required for non-winning item.
・Special packing may require an extra charge.
・Service fee is applied to each seller or store.
・Service fee is applied to total amount of duplicate items from the same eBay seller.
-Maximum number of duplicate items is 20. Service fee is applied from 21th item to 40th item and so on.
・Item stored inside the warehouse up to 2 months.