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eBay Auction Service Tools

Item Managing Page
Watch List
Estimation Program
Miss Spelling Check
Bidding Types
Automated Sending Mail
Currency Converter
Mail Box

1.Item Managing Page
You can manage all your items on My Items.
There are 5 separate sections and you can check each item status on My Items page.
Active : Current item lists waiting auctions end. (You can cancel, increase bid amount of items etc.)
Won : Winning item lists. (Except items already shipped out to you)
Manage : Item lists ready to ship. (Payment cleared Items arrived at warehouse)
All : Historical records of all items in the past.
Watchlist : Bookmarked item lists.

Click Here for more details about My Items


2. Watch List

Your desired item can be easily bookmarked.

●Make price comparison among same items with different eBay ID numbers.
●Saving searched items.
●Want to bid an auction at the last minute by checking the bidding prices.

We will inform you through automated mail sending system before the end of auction.
You will not miss the desired item.



Estimation Program
The program calculates a cost of an item shipped to ShopShip warehouse.
Set your desired maximum bidding price, item's quantity and its weight (lbs.)
Click "Estimation" for estimated price.


4. Miss Spelling Check

Some sellers misspell a title of the item in the auction because of selling in variety items.
Using spelling check function searches only a miss spelled item such as "Levis" → "Levs".
Those items usually cannot be shown at the search result, so, you might win the bid with relatively cheaper price.


5.Bidding Type

Snipe Bidding
Snipe bidding sets a bid 5 to 10 seconds before the end of an auction.
Everybody can check the bidding price at an auction, so bidding price
tend to get higher with popular item.

Snipe bidding has advantage that nobody knows your desired bidding price just
before the end of an auction, so you do not have to compete with others and buy
an item at your cheapest desired price.

For example, when you set price for USD 100 at an auction, your aimed item is
bid for USD 50 at the end. You can buy the item automatically USD 50 + minimum
bidding unit price. If minimum bidding price is USD 1, an item can be bought USD 51.

Buy It Now
Buy It Now is the simplest way to buy an item on eBay. When you see "Buy It Now"
next to a list, and see a Buy It Now price, you can purchase the item right away at
a set price without waiting for an auction to end.

Proxy Bidding
Proxy bidding is to bid by minimum bidding unit price repeatedly and automatically till
reach your desired bidding price.
Click Here for more details about Proxy bidding.


6.Automated Mail

1. Auction result will be informed as soon as it is finished.
2. Sends an alert when your bidding price is lower than other buyers.


7.Currency Converter

Find the latest currency exchange rates and convert all major world currencies with our currency converter.


8.Mail Box

Your exclusive mailbox. Your mail sent from Contact Us is stored here.