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Greeting is the global website of the American shopping agent that provides on your behalf of

 on bidding/buying a product from eBay site/online store, storing it inside our warehouse,

 and shipping it out to your destination whenever you need to.

 We will support you in a number of purchases from child's birthday to multiple trading.

 Also, we can help our customer who want to ask a question to seller before bidding on item.

 This site is running the program. No need to email the bid request.

 You can find a product you want to bid directly from our site, and the program will

 automatically take care of your job till the end of the auction.

 You can set a bidding price on the item to increase, to change,

 to cancel, or to snipe it from this site any time. In addition, you can purchase it at a set price right away

 without bidding it during the auction.

 However, as people who are interested in eBay already know that most eBay sellers do not ship

 their products overseas, only domestic. That is why selling a product is limited to those who are living overseas.

 You can use this site to purchase eBay items, as if you are in the United States.

 This site provides useful functions that will help you bid easily:

 ・Snipe Bidding: A bidding technique just before the end of the auction

 ・Buy It Now: Any product in which you want to purchase the item at a fixed price immediately that would end the auction early.

 ・Proxy bidding: Bids a full increment amount that you want to pay for the item.
  A winner who sets proxy bidding only pays the amount slightly higher than the next bidders highest bid.

 ・Historical Records: A record which shows all the items that have been bid

 ・Item Watch List: Sets a bookmark of an item that a customer wants to watch

 ・Automated Email: a function to let customer knows results after end of the auction

 There are more functions that you can use for free. For more information, please click here .

 Commission fees cost less, and it is free even if you do not win an auction.

 eBay is the world's largest auction site that includes numerous categories of items that will not be found on

 other sites except eBay.

 To know how to use this site, service, and/or fee, please click here .

 If you like to become a member immediately, please click here .

 If there is any question, please click here .