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Forwarding Service

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About Forwarding Service
Forwarding Process
Address of ShopShip.US
Service Fee

1. About Forwarding Service
This is simple Only shipping service.
Use address as your U.S address.
We can store your items at warehouse for up to 2 months.
We ship an item to you whenever you need to.
Our service is very convenient when a shop or seller does not ship item overseas.


2.Forwarding Process
1. You bid or purchase yourself an item from eBay or online shopping and pay for the item.
2. Ask delivery request to a seller or shop to
3. Fill out a request form with the item's site page, amount, number etc, and send it to us.
4. Notification will be sent to you when the item arrives at our warehouse.
5. We will inspect it and then store it for up to 2 months.
6. Send a shipping request whenever you need to.
7. All items will be re-packed and shipped to you in few days.
8. You will save money from us on shipping fee.


3.Address of
ATTN : Your Full Name
9224 Hall Road. (Street Number & Name)
Downey California 90241 (City, State and Zip Code)
Tel 310-775-0425 (Telephone Number)


4.Service Fee
Service fee includes followings :
1. Item stored inside the warehouse up to 2 months.
2. Item packing, shipping and handling.

USD 10.00 for an item up to USD 100.00
10% of price for winning item over USD 100.01

*Special packing may require an extra charge.
*Service fee is applied to total amount of combined items.
*Service fee is applied to each package.

Please note that you also have to pay the fees below:

Service Fee
We will send you invoice when we receive your shipping request.

International delivery fee
to send items to you.

Depositing fee
3.9% over the deposit amount regardless the payment method.

All other costs that may accure before and after items have shipped are to be borne by you.
This includes any handling fees or taxes incurred while processing auction items, if possible,
customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes, etc.


1. An item can be stored in our warehouse at maximum of 2 months.
(We can also ship an item as soon as it arrives at our warehouse.)
2. We can also ship combined items all at once in single delivery.
3. A shipping fee is cheaper on pick up than a separate delivery.
4. Our shipping carriers are FedEx and USPS.
5. We will also ship out an item with any preferred carrier by your request.


We will send you an invoice after we receive a shipping request.
The invoice includes (International Shipping fee + Service Fee + etc)
All items will be shipped out immediately once we confirm the invoice payment.