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Auction Agent Service

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About Auction Agent Service
Why Using Us ?
Auction Process
Service Fee
Item Inspection

1.About Auction Agent Service
We will help you bid on an auction, contact a seller, inspect an arrived item and ship it to you.
By registering the account on ShopShip for free, you can place bids at real-time and pay via PayPal.
Then, we will take care of the rest. We will contact the seller, pay for an item directly and send them to you.
1. An item that you purchased can be stored in our warehouse up to 2 months.
2. We will dispatch your combined items as small as possible and it ship out.
3. Our staffs will communicate with a seller on your behalf.
4. No registered account is necessary for you to a shop or eBay, instead, we will submit our company's profile.
5. We accept PayPal and pay the amount to a seller with US currency.


2.Why using us ?
You can use our service in case :
1. To save shipping fees in combining items to one package.
2. eBay sellers do neither sell nor ship their items to a buyer worldwide.
3. Feel uncomfortable communicating with English-speaking seller.
4. Need an item inspected before we ship it to you.

Our site is programmed
ShopShip is a program site that you do not need to fill out a form and send a request.
You can bid, set sniping bid, change price, cancel item, manage it, or send a shipping request
to ShopShip in 24 hours.


3.Auction Process
1. Register to
2. Find an eBay item you want to bid / purchase.
3. Deposit an amount to bid through PayPal.
4. Bid or set Snipe through
5. We will pay for those who won an item.
6. The item will be inspected when it is delivered at, and be stored in our warehouse up to 2 months.
7. Send a shipping request whenever you need to.
8. All items will be re-packed and shipped out to you in few days.
9. You can save budget on shipping fee.

Click here for more details about auction process.


4.Service Fee
Service fee includes followings :
1. Item inspections
2. Item stored inside the warehouse up to 2 months.
3. Item packing, shipping and handling.
4. Sending questions to eBay seller.

USD 14.00 for an item up to USD 100.00
14% of price for winning item from USD 100.01 to USD 499.99
12% of price for winning item from USD 500.00 to USD 999.00
10% of price for winning item over USD 1000.00

*No fee is required for non-winning item.
*Special packing may require an extra charge.
*Service fee is applied to each seller or store.
*Service fee is applied to total amount of duplicate items from the same eBay seller.

EX) eBay item number 123456789 (Price $50) x 5
$50 x 5 = $250 x 14% = $35 (Service fee)

Please note that you also have to pay the fees below:

Winning item
We will send you invoice after auctions end.

Domestic delivery fee
Only the actual domestic delivery fee is charged.
(No charge if the auction item is marked as "Free delivery")

International delivery fee
to send items to you.

Depositing fee
3.9% over the deposit amount regardless the payment method.

All other costs that may accure before and after items have shipped are to be borne by you.
This includes any handling fees or taxes incurred while processing auction items, if possible,
customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes, etc.


1. If a customer requires direct shipping from eBay seller, let us know before the end of the auction.
2. An item can be stored in our warehouse at maximum of 2 months.
(We can also ship an item as soon as it arrives at our warehouse.)
3. We can also ship combined items all at once in single delivery.
4. A shipping fee is cheaper on pick up than a separate delivery.
5. Our shipping carriers are FedEx and USPS.
6. We will also ship out an item with any preferred carrier by your request.


We will send you 2 different invoices.
1st invoice (Item total + Domestic shipping + Service fee + etc)
2nd invoice (International shipping fee)
*2nd invoice will be sent to you after receiving shipping request.
*All items will be shipped out immediately after we confirm the 2nd invoice payment.


We will be inspecting all items when it arrives at, however, the inspections will be a simple task.

1. Checking item

 Checking whether an item is the same as photos of seller's or shop's products.

2. Checking Quantity

 Checking quantities of purchased item.

3. Checking damage

Checking noticeable damage at a glance.

Please understand that inspections may not be done in the followings :

・Checking to test computers or electronics.
・Checking to find a scratch or dent using visual light.
・Checking scratches, dents or damages within 4cm.
・Checking an excluded item from the main parts
・Checking a damaged or loss tag.
・Checking more than 10 assorted item.
・Checking whether record, CD or DVD plays well
・Checking whether small parts of model kits are aligned.
・Checking whether a brand is real or not.
・Checking clothes that are sealed in a bag with label on it.
・Checking serial number stated on the item's description number.

Inspection Caution

・Item may not be returned or replaced after it arrives to destination.
・If you do not use the Escrow service even though you found inspection problems
from, you may not get a refund or replace an item.